Pack of 20 x 18″ Heart Wreath Frames


A pack of 20 18 inch heart shaped wire wreath frames.

Steel wire with a copper finish, approximately 18″ / 46cm tall and 18″ / 46cm wide (actual sizes can fluctuate between batches).

Used for wreath making and many other craft projects. Please note that wreath frames may contain sharp edges!

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A pack of 20 18″ heart shaped flat wire wreath frames.

Wire heart frames are a perennial classic; not only for making seasonal wreaths but also for crafts such as rag wreaths or decorations for the home.

All wreath frames are made for floristry and although many are widely used for other crafts and decorations,  it should be remembered that they are cheap & cheerful product, (designed to do the job at minimum cost so may contain sharp edges and the odd poorly soldered joint. This is not an issue if used for their intended purpose of wreath making but it is something to bare in mind if being used for an alterative project.

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Dimensions 48 × 47 × 9 cm