Fresh Spruce – Latest

Status as at close of play 30th October

We have now sold out of 5kg spruce bundles.

We have very limited capacity remaining for plain spruce wreaths. Please don’t delay if you have not yet ordered.

We still have capacity for Holly wreaths.

Apologies for any disappointments – the early birds have got the worms this year.

Red ‘Silk’ Poinsettia back in stock

We have managed to get a new batch of the red polyester poinsettia flower picks. They have gone up (again) in price and they are not the same premium quality even though they share the same HF001 code.

As artificial wreath flowers go, they are undoubtedly still a decent wreath pick but, I would conclude them to be not quite the bargain they previously were.

Box of red poinsettia
Box of 144 red poinsettia wreath picks

Parcelforce price rises 2nd Oct 2023

Unfortunately we have had to increase the cost of postage calculated by the website to reflect the latest price increases from Parcelforce.

If it is practical for you to do so, make an appointment and come and visit us in person on the farm, save the postage and stock up on all the heavy stuff like wreath frames, stub wire and binding wire which all now costs a small fortune to pack and post.

Parcelforce prices 2nd October 2023
Parcelforce prices 2nd October 2023