Fresh Spruce – Latest

Status as at close of play 30th October

We have now sold out of 5kg spruce bundles.

We have very limited capacity remaining for plain spruce wreaths. Please don’t delay if you have not yet ordered.

We still have capacity for Holly wreaths.

Apologies for any disappointments – the early birds have got the worms this year.

Red ‘Silk’ Poinsettia back in stock

We have managed to get a new batch of the red polyester poinsettia flower picks. They have gone up (again) in price and they are not the same premium quality even though they share the same HF001 code.

As artificial wreath flowers go, they are undoubtedly still a decent wreath pick but, I would conclude them to be not quite the bargain they previously were.

Box of red poinsettia
Box of 144 red poinsettia wreath picks

2023 Price Rises

We are seeing more significant price increases coming through in this season’s new stock. Items that stand out are the artificial flowers, pine cones and stub wire. If you are selling your wreaths and grave pots then set your prices accordingly or adjust your designs as each decoration is becoming an expensive consideration. The only good thing to come out of it is that it does make our home grown natural decorations even more attractive.

I have had to increase the website prices of new stock as received but where we have plenty of existing stock I have put this on ‘sale’. For example, 9″ 19g stub wire is at the new price but there are big savings to be had if you can use thicker 18g or the thinner 20g or 22g.

Making Straw Wreath Bases

It might be the last day of August but, as the kids go back to school, thoughts turn to Christmas and orders for our straw bases are starting to arrive.

We do hold some stock of made up wreath bases over the rest of the year which get used for a variety of other crafts but once the seasonal wreath orders start, we try and replenish stock as and when we can.

The wreath binding machine wraps a filament around the straw and binds it to the frame. To save space it gets put away every year so today it has been dragged out of storage, dusted, serviced and set up next to the bales of straw to minimise the mess when opening and moving bales in the shed.

A few 10″ rings and 14″ rings were made today so production is officially underway!

Wreath binding machine
Straw wreath bases ready for sale